Liver Doctor
Liver Doctor is a mobile application that helps users to diagnose the state of their liver and contains clinically relevant information how to take care of it by taking Essentiale® Forte N.
Liver Doctor

"Liver Doctor app, developed by Bamboo Apps delivers the world-class level of performance and user experience. We are happy to provide patients with a great mobile tool helping to diagnose the state of their liver."

Publicis Hepta Group, Account Director

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Project overview


  • Pre-development phase (app concept, UX, wireframes, design): 3 weeks
  • Development phase (back-end development, mobile development, testing, bug fixing): 8 weeks


  • Marketing materials (graphics, description, keywords)
  • App Store optimization, Google Play optimization


  • iOS (iphones), Android (smartphones), Windows Phone (smartphones)


  • Preloaded medical content
  • Quick-to-set reminders
  • Interactive online maps
  • Smart search engine
  • Integration with social media

Challenge & solution

A global healthcare leader Sanofi came up to Bamboo Apps with an idea of a mobile solution that could encourage users to daily monitor their liver’s state. Another principal aim was to raise the awareness of Essentiale® Forte N as an effective medical product and provide users with information covering a range of hepatological diseases and treatment methods.

On the basis of draft requirements, Bamboo Apps' team started developing a new healthcare mobile solution for Sanofi. After 11 weeks of intensive work, it resulted in a branded self-diagnosis app that allows users to control the state of the liver using a smartphone.

Liver Doctor
Liver Doctor
Liver Doctor


The launch of Liver Doctor made it possible to reduce the number of visits to local health centers by enabling patients to check their symptoms and get advice on how to relieve them. In most cases, there is no need for a user to consult a physician or a hospital - diagnosis can be made via the app.

Liver Doctor app contains the medical advice section about how to take care of the liver and the information regarding natural food stuff and fitness tips that keep the liver healthy. Based on different results of testing, the app offers the most appropriate kind of therapy. All medical recommendations are provided by professional doctors.

With location and map functionality integrated users may easily browse pharmacy stores location searching for the nearest ones. The app has many scheduling options (like a personal calendar, quick-to-set reminders, alerts) that help users take medicine according to recommendations at the right time.