School OS
Secure end-to-end, cloud-based, web-and-mobile solution that helps parents track their children's progress effortlessly. School OS platform allows to view grades, absence alerts, time-table, teacher's notes and more.
School OS

"Bamboo Apps rapidly deployed School OS platform in Tajikistan, adapting its features to the national needs and specificities. We can recommend Bamboo Group for their responsiveness, proactivity, and great development skills."

O. Burkhonov
O. Burkhonov
CEO at LLC Vatan ICT

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Project overview


  • Pre-development phase (concept, UX wireframes, app prototype, specification): 2 weeks
  • Development phase (design, development, testing, bug fixing): 7 weeks


  • Uploading app builds to Google Play and iTunes Connect
  • Marketing materials (graphics, description, keywords)
  • App Store optimization, Google Play optimization
  • Deployment in the educational institutions (tuition, presentations, feedback collection)
  • Promo website launch


  • iOS (iphones), Android (smartphones), Web


  • School administrator interface, teacher interface, parent interface - all in one solution
  • 24/7 access to curricula, timetables, attendance status, homework assignments and other school information
  • Communication with teachers and school administrators
  • Data-based recommendations on how to improve children's school performance
  • Teachers' profiles (speciality, achievements, contacts etc.)

Challenge & solution

As implementing of e-learning technologies becomes a key priority for education policy in many countries, there is a growing demand for e-school management tools from governments and educational institutions. To meet this challenge Bamboo Apps developed a full-featured School OS solution working as a smart school diary/register and bringing e-learning experience to user's smartphone or PC.

School OS has three types of UI: for parents, for teachers and for school administrators. Each version has a specific functionality. Each user is given a unique ID and password for the system so a parent can access his/her children profile only.

All school information is available: student's grades, attendance status, assignments, time-table, teachers' notes etc. The solution has a unique feature: it provides insights on children's performance and data-based suggestions on how to improve it.

In order to ensure rapid deployment of the solution in the educational institutions, much work has been done in terms of product support. For School OS platform we have a dedicated technical support team formed and outsourcing call-center organized. Our specialists conduct presentations and training for school administration, teachers, and parents.

School OS


With the introduction of School OS we are making a big step towards 21st century e-learning environment. School OS platform brings value to all who are involved in the educational environment - parents, teachers, school administration, government and authorities.

For parents: School OS make parents aware of their children's progress. They may view all school infrormation (grades, absence alerts, time-table, homework) and communicate with teachers.

For teachers: School OS reduces paperwork and helps in school reporting and children's progress monitoring.

For governments and authorities: School OS enables fast transition to an improved e-learning experience at minimal cost and allows to effectively manage the school network at the national level.