Educational App for Smartphones and Tablets

Mobile TeleSystems,

Challenge, a provider of electronic services for schools, and Mobile TeleSystems, the largest network provider in Belarus and Russia, reached out to Bamboo Apps with a plan to develop a mobile solution for schools. The idea was to create an engaging mobile experience that will allow pupils, teachers and parents to access all school data via their smartphones and tablets.


Our team’s passionate and intensive work led to the launch of e-School app, a mobile application that transforms traditional learning processes into the digital experience available at user's fingertips. The app became an essential part of the platform built for managing, tracking, and reporting of all key school data.

Data security was a top priority for the clients. e-School app securely receives data from the platform and doesn’t sync any data back. Parents, students and teachers then use a unique username and password to view the data in e-School.

Educational App for Smartphones and Tablets

Using e-School app pupils can view daily homework and schedule, receive assignments, track news about school events and more. Parents can control their children's weekly performance and receive progress reports after each semester. The app also has a chat feature to give teachers and parents an opportunity to connect and communicate directly.

  • Integration with platform
  • 24/7 access to schedule and other useful information
  • Automated data synchronization
  • Connection to 2000+ schools and educational institutions
  • Auto-generated progress reports
  • Assignments and comments
  • Integration with custom mobile payment system
  • Pre-development phase (app concept, UX, wireframes, design, monetization): 3 weeks
  • Development phase (back-end development, mobile development, testing, bug fixing): 6 weeks
  • iOS, Android
"Bamboo Apps was really focused on creating a high-quality and esthetically pleasing product. The app looks great and we believe that, as technology becomes more and more prevalent in school classrooms, the use of mobile applications such as e-School app will become commonplace."
Olga Logatskaya, Mobile TeleSystems JLLC, Business analysis and development group