All-in-one Payment App for a Cell Service Provider

Client: Mobile TeleSystems


Mobile TeleSystems, the largest network provider in Russia and Belarus, approached Bamboo Apps with an idea for a mobile-based wallet that would enable their subscribers to make payments with smartphones.


According to project specs and timelines, Bamboo Apps' team designed and developed a mobile e-wallet solution that allows customers to pay bills, buy tickets, and pay for goods and services in one application.

Timelines & scope

Pre-development phase

Pre-development phase

4 weeks (app concept, UX, wireframes, design, monetization)

Development phase

Development phase

11 weeks (back-end development, mobile development, testing, bug fixing)

App platforms

App platforms

iOS , Android

Key features

Safe in-app payments

Our engineers developed a unique API that provided seamless integration with provider’s billing and the settlement system. A special secure protocol was used to connect e-Wallet to the banking CMS that ensured the safety and instant processing of all transactions through the app.

Large catalogue of services

Connection to the national payment system opens to users the opportunity to conveniently pay for more than 2000 services. Such additional features as reminders and a list of favorites make recurring payments even easier.

Payments history and statistics

Auto-generated reports allow users to track the history of monthly expenses. Statistics feature also breaks down the payments into categories, which helps to manage and plan monthly budgets.


The launch of e-Wallet app set a trend for electronic and in-app payments in Belarus. By offering this product, MTS also achieved an increase in customer loyalty among existing user and attracted new clients.

Yulia Panova
Mobile TeleSystems JLLC, Business analysis and development group
"By developing e-Wallet app, Bamboo Apps' team provided world-class e-payment experience to thousands of our subscribers. We do believe that the application will herald a shift in the adoption of electronic payments in the country."