ŠKODA Little Driver
Škoda LittleDriver is an interactive game that is designed to teach kids driving basics and main traffic rules. The app is simulating every component of a vehicle in real time.
ŠKODA Little Driver

"During the development of our car application for kids, Bamboo Apps demonstrated capabilities to deliver a complex product with the high level of programming skills and outstanding design. Bamboo Apps did prove that they're able to reach the level of our expectations."

M. Maruska
M. Maruska
Team Leader - Electronics development - Connectivity at Skoda Auto a. s.

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Project overview


  • Pre-development phase (app concept, UX, wireframes, app prototype): 4 weeks
  • Development phase #1 (art & visual design, game design): 6 weeks
  • Development phase #2 (back-end development, mobile development, testing, bug fixing): 19 weeks


  • Marketing materials (graphics, description, keywords)
  • App Store optimization, Google Play optimization
  • A/B testing for app screenshots on the App Store


  • iOS (ipad), Android (tablets), Windows Phone (tablets)


  • Full connectivity with the vehicle
  • Interactive tutorials
  • Multilingual support (9 languages)
  • Educational section integration
  • 30 car views, 7 colors, 3 types of rims, 3 kinds of stickers

A first connected car game

ŠKODA Little Driver

Project background

To push the boundaries of interaction between passengers and cars, ŠKODA Auto a.s. came up with an idea of a new application, designed as a fascinating game, to teach kids driving basics and main traffic rules.

Thinking smart

Our development team successfully integrated ŠKODA API, that made the app fully compatible with the infotainment system of the car. As a result, ŠKODA LittleDriver can analyse the vehicle parameters and all the driver’s actions. All the vehicle data are displayed graphically on the screen of users’ tablet in real-time. So the user can monitor driving variables (e.g. speed, fuel level, or the throttle position) and repeat driver’s actions.

Exclusive car designs

ŠKODA Little Driver

True Škoda genes in design

Within few seconds after starting the app, a user can easily identify it as a ŠKODA-related product. That’s why keeping all the brand elements of ŠKODA cars visual was the cornerstone of the design.

We placed true ŠKODA genes (precision, uniqueness, plush) at the very heart of our design work. Based on clean surfaces and dynamic lines of Skoda models, we delivered a set of four unique toy cars - four vivid game characters, representing the style and the nature of full-size vehicles.

Customization capabilities

Kids are always keen on building cars they’ve been dreaming about. To challenge the kids brain in designing, our team provided huge customization capabilities for them. Each user can dress up a car in 7 colors, pick up 3 types of rims, 3 kinds of stickers.

Bring up young drivers? Amazing challenge!

ŠKODA Little Driver

Using interactivity
to engage

The real highlight of the game is its maximum interactivity. From the sound of a starting car engine till getting out the car, the app keeps the kid engaged. Due to the SmartGate system, the kid may repeat driver’s actions (speeding up, braking, steering the wheel). If done correctly, the player earns coins. As the driving process is followed by cheering pop-ups, it fuels the interest to the game even more.

An immerse game

Working on ŠKODA LittleDriver project, our team collaborated closely with professional game designers who participated in game logic development. That allowed us to create an immerse game scenario, where a kid is rewarded not only for accurate ‘driving’ but entering the game daily, watching the tutorial, finding some hidden controls (a/c button, radio button, navigation system) etc.

Gamifying education

ŠKODA Little Driver

Engaging educational section

ŠKODA LittleDriver app has gamifying educational section integrated. It contains Learning Mode with road and vehicle safety theory followed by engaging tests. By completing them, kids gain basic knowledge in traffic rules in the form of the game.


All the challenges are grouped into 10 sections with 3 questions in each. ŠKODA LittleDriver tracks the progress of the user in learning and if the kid makes a mistake, the app takes it to a specific theory lesson for re-studying.