Velcom Recommends
A self-care mobile solution that allows subscribers to control their personal account balance, manage tariffs and services, browse entertaining content.
Velcom Recommends

"Bamboo Apps demonstrated excellent analytical skills in nailing the customer’s requirements and delivered a powerful customer-centric mobile solution. We got the application that goes beyond self-care to personalized content and services, while offering a rich user experience."

A. Antonyuk
A. Antonyuk
velcom TAG, Project Manager at Cloud and Managed Solutions Department

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Project overview


  • Pre-development phase (concept, UX, wireframes, app prototype, design): 4 weeks
  • Development phase (back-end development, mobile development, testing, bugfixing): 14 weeks


  • Uploading app builds to Google Play and iTunes Connect
  • Marketing materials (graphics, description, keywords)
  • App Store optimization, Google Play optimization
  • App video preview
  • Upgrading Content Management System


  • iOS (iphones), Android (smartphones), Windows Phone (smartphones)


  • Fullest catalogue of mobile operator’s services
  • Integration with carrier billing and payment services
  • Deep linking to the Content Management System
  • Content aggregation based on editors choice
  • Recommendations on media content tailored to user's preferences
  • Home-screen widget
  • Interactive online maps

Challenge & solution

A respectful client velcom TAG turned to Bamboo Apps with an idea of creating a self-care mobile application that can serve as a new communication channel between velcom TAG and its subscribers. To meet this business challenge, Bamboo Apps' team developed a customer-centric solution that goes beyond self-care to personalized content and services offering improved user experience while reducing subscriber's costs.

Velcom recommends app allows subscribers to control their personal account balance, manage operator’s services in one click, easily browse various types of entertaining content.

Velcom Recommends
Velcom Recommends
Velcom Recommends


In 2017 the app was fully redesigned and new functionality was implemented. Due to the deep linking to the CMS subscribers can easily browse audio and video content featured according to their preferences. Now, with a home-screen widget users have all information about their account balance at their fingertips.

For velcom TAG Velcom Recommends app is an instrument that helps to track the user behavior. By this, the operator can offer plans and services according to the customers' preferences which can lead to revenue enhancement: the average transaction size per customer increased significantly.

The launch of Velcom Recommends app resulted in 27% decrease in voice calls to the operator's Customer Support Centers. Also, as the customers get solutions to their problems faster and in real time with the mobile self-care app, it increases the customer satisfaction and loyalty.