Combining our deep technical knowledge with creative design skills, we help industry players shape the future of intelligent & intuitive mobility.

Automotive software engineering

Car connectivity

We support automotive and mobility companies in developing applications that enable users to control and manage vehicles remotely. We also provide teams & experts with hands-on experience in developing software for additional access control — for example, digital key apps.

connected car

HMI design and development

We collaborate with innovation leaders on building information architecture, interfaces, and engaging experiences for HMI solutions. Following automotive HMI guidelines, our design experts help to create experiences that meet the increasing user demand for safety, intuitiveness, and personalization.

hmi design
Discover the concept of in-vehicle personalization platform from our experts.
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Smart mobility

We redefine transportation with expertly designed e-hailing, carsharing, and fleet management solutions. With powerful B2B APIs, GPS tracking, geofencing, and secure payment integrations, our mobility applications ensure a solid experience for users and brand owners alike.

shared mobility

Bluetooth connectivity

We help drivers and automakers take full advantage of near-field communication via Bluetooth connectivity: transforming smartphones into car keys, allowing for easier control over seat orientation, headlights, and other vehicle elements, as well as facilitating better in-car infotainment systems.

Read how we designed a market-ready digital key solution.
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All forms of the mobility revolution

Сonnected, autonomous, shared, and electric vehicles are reshaping the way people and goods move. Inspired by the change, we focus on reinventing existing solutions and creating new features to address the challenges rising along the way of the mobility revolution.



We help industry players to maximize opportunities associated with car connectivity.



Vehicle autonomy will require more software-enabled features. And we’re up to that challenge.



Ride-sharing, ride-hailing, and last-mile delivery are redefining mobility. We have experts to support this change.



We help SMEs, Tier-1 suppliers, and OEMs quickly respond to the needs of the growing EV ecosystem.

Addressing the most pressing automotive industry challenges

The automotive industry is rightfully strict when it comes to following security standards. Our team strives for 100% operational excellence, with safety regulations compliance being our top priority.

We use the cost- and time-efficient methodology of Agile combined with the most up-to-date industry standard development tools, all the while closely following the ISO 26262 guidelines to deliver automotive software products you can trust.

Be it infotainment systems, navigation, or climate control, our embedded in-vehicle software systems empower your drivers with top-notch functionality, performance, and streamline design.

Scalable architecture, instantaneous data synchronization, and OTA updates help retain the seamless experience for as long as the customer uses the vehicle, keeping the internal software fresh, reliable, and secure years into the future.

We take a proactive approach to product development, diving deep into your project requirements and fine-tuning our delivery strategy to suit your needs to a T. Harnessing design thinking sessions and in-depth research, we strive to discover what works best for your product and how to achieve it.

Our team possesses all the necessary automotive expertise to create applications that improve the client’s product with innovative features, a more intuitive UX/UI, and advanced connectivity technologies.

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Head of Marketing

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Based on the expertise you need, we can provide you with configurable software engineering teams that besides expert developers may include business analysts, UX/UI designers, and project managers.