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Object recognition

Improve your automotive safety and road infrastructure management with custom object recognition software.

Object recognition software services

Object recognition software services

The automotive industry widely uses computer vision for object tracking. It detects vehicles, pedestrians, or various items on the road. Computer vision also recognizes hazardous situations and helps vehicles navigate and make decisions based on visual data. This, for instance, is particularly important for autonomous driving. Vehicles require the processing of a large volume of data from object recognition cameras and sensors such as LiDAR.

At Bamboo Apps, we create new, or use our own, algorithms and implement pre-existing libraries to perform object recognition. We also integrate such capabilities in mobile applications with cameras enabled.

Real-time object tracking uses deep learning and image processing to recognise items in a live streaming video and classify them as a series of trajectories. The power of artificial intelligence (AI) enhances driver assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous navigation, traffic management, and in-car experiences. Tools such as multi-object processing follow and analyse the movements of several road users at the same time.

Bamboo Apps’ expertise in automotive software development allows us to update existing apps with such capabilities. Moreover, our custom solutions can connect with the city infrastructure through APIs to receive real-time information on road conditions.

Bamboo Apps developed a unique machine learning (ML) algorithm for pre-recorded video object detection. The algorithm processes data from dash cameras recordings to improve road infrastructure management. It recognises and tracks items on the road and organises them in separate categories.

Our approach is backed by thorough research and extensive technical expertise and capabilities. We can collect a custom dataset with region-specific road signs, develop a highly accurate formula from scratch, enhance video footage quality for maximum clarity, set up powerful machines to run the algorithm, and create a map of road objects based on the data obtained from video.

Road object detection — use cases

At Bamboo Apps, we push the boundaries of what object recognition can provide. Our custom software can recognise, process, and classify multiple different items on the road. Here are some of them:

traffic sign object detection

Traffic signs

We developed a traffic sign recognition algorithm that can be used to inform drivers and autonomous vehicles about the maximum speed, the need for a stop, and other warnings. Traffic sign object detection is essential for everything that relates to asset management and safety on the road.

Road lights detection

Road lights

Another valuable application is the detection of road lights. They may have different heights and number of lamps but they need to be detected as the same type of asset. Our algorithm detects road lights with high accuracy. In addition, the algorithm can analyse traffic light states — red, yellow, and green. It helps to avoid accidents by vehicle response.

Barriers detection


Construction cones, roadblocks, and other barriers are always present on the road. Our road object detection algorithm can identify these barriers. Such features can assist in avoiding collisions, improving the driving experience and road safety.

vehicles detection

Other vehicles

Our algorithm can recognise other vehicles on the road, such as cars, trucks, and motorcycles. This important data is used to avoid crashes, change lanes, and keep the distance between several objects.

Pedestrians and cyclists detection

Pedestrians and cyclists

We can develop software that detects pedestrians and cyclists with great precision. It will send alarm signals to the vehicle, stopping or redirecting it – and keeping everyone safe on the road.

Technologies we use

faster R-CNN model

Why choose Bamboo Apps

approved by OEMs

Trusted by OEMs and public authorities

Government establishments and OEMs have put their trust in our automotive software expertise. We worked on ambitious projects that followed strict security rules and employed an unconventional approach.


Reliable technologies and quality control

For our projects, we choose trustworthy technologies and guarantee quality control at all stages. Our team conducts testing and validation tests to make sure that our software is built correctly and meets the requirements of end-users.

Partner network

ML and computer vision partner network

Bamboo Apps works with a range of partners who have wide technical expertise in ML and computer vision. Together we can handle challenging object identification problems, scale up any project, and deliver excellent software.

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