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Our Christmas gift for you and Mr. Claus


Our warmest wishes go to all the great people who work in the automotive & mobility industry and transform this world to be a better place. Yourself, your colleagues, new tech trends inspired our partners and us to go for this project, and we hope Santa will have a unique experience thanks to all us! Ho-ho-vroom!

Special Santa Sleigh HMI UX/UX Design Project
Mooving hand

The story

We challenged ourselves to figure out how to structure our automotive software design approach into human-machine interaction language for the most unusual and probably the most import transport in the world – Santa’s Sleigh.

Information Architecture

Knobs, buttons, and gauges are increasingly taking a backseat to high-definition screens and digital clusters in new cars so Santa will have a large coast-to-coast screen.
Santa HMI architecture

Head-up-display (HUD)

Safety comes first. Designers decided to add a Head-up display shaped by Augmented Reality features. The HUD is enriched with a layer of information right on the streets in front of the sleigh. The device reduces dangerous distractions by displaying essential information, such as speed and navigation, directly in the driver’s line of sight onto the windshield.

Digital cluster

According to general principles of automotive HMI design primary information must be located directly in the field of driver’s vision. We put key performance indicators like speedometer, “state” of reindeers, and drive mode right in the center of the screen to help Santa focus on vital signs first.
Santa sleigh autonomous mode
Santa sleigh navigation

Productivity and Navigation

Secondary and third-level information must be placed on the periphery of the screen. Grouping the data that belongs to route tracking and performing a current task will help Santa perceive the most important data. It also cleans up the screen visually, making it easier for Mr. Claus to absorb information.


Music, radio and messaging are considered to be third-level information for HMI but vital for an autonomous driving mode. We thought Santa would need some Jingles all the way and communication with Mrs. Claus while making kids happy and paid equally large space for infotainment.
Santa Sleigh HMI karaoke


Physical buttons create user experiences that are more intuitive and less reliant on Santa taking his eyes off the track. We grouped some controls related to driving and comfort during the ride to reduce driver’s distraction and mental load.
Physical controls
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

from Bamboo Apps team.
Christmas clocks

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