Autonomous Car Design Projects for CES 2020

At CES 2020, Rinspeed unveiled the future of mobility — the autonomous vehicle “MetroSnap”. Innovation leaders, including Harman, Osram, and Zurich Insurance, delivered a wide range of solutions focused around app & HMI design and tailored to the unique features of “MetroSnap”. We are proud to present a suite of autonomous car design projects that Bamboo Apps helped to deliver.

Personalized In-Vehicle Experience

In collaboration with Harman


In the age of shared mobility, drivers and passengers are changing multiple vehicles every day. And every time in every vehicle, users of smart devices expect consistent access to their personal services and applications. To address this challenge within the “MetroSnap” project, Harman set a goal to create and deliver a personalized experience centered around smart devices and user content they can share with in-vehicle systems.


Bamboo Apps collaborated with Harman on the UX/UI design for a digital cockpit that consists of a shared area and two personalized screens. Our design team supported Harman’s vision of how vehicle services and applications can be displayed and customized in a most intuitive way. Also, we suggested a number of interfaces to highlight innovative features of “MetroSnap”: tracking the delivery status of parcels and detecting passenger health and stress by analyzing heart rate and breathing.

Bamboo Apps collaborated with Harman

A 12.3-inch central panel serving
as a cluster combined with navigation

A 12.3-inch central panel and two upright,
curved 27-inch displays

Two upright, curved 27-inch QLED HDR displays delivering
the individualized user experience

Scroll finger

After front-seat passengers pass authentication and sync their mobile devices with the “MetroSnap”, the system identifies them and adjusts the vehicle to their preferences easily, securely, and quickly. Passenger favorite digital services and applications become instantly available on individual displays. For example, they can enjoy their individual playlists without interfering with each other. Everything is controlled via natural voice commands, with passengers able to use a Virtual Personal Assistant.

Features available for front-seat
passengers on individual displays:

  • video and audio streaming
  • interaction with “MetroSnap” mobility ecosystem
  • tracking the delivery status of parcels
  • enhanced navigation with AR features
  • alerts and recommendations based on the analysis of passenger biometrics
  • access to user content: emails, meetings, calendars, etc.

Personalized experiences address user needs and help passengers have even more enjoyable and relaxed rides, during which they can stay on top of their daily routines or work matters.

Advanced Experiences for Intelligent LED Solutions

In collaboration with Osram


To give a concept vehicle a distinctive look and feel, Osram provided it with smart LED solutions. The company’s goal was to enrich them with experiences that will enable self-driving cars to communicate with each other, as well as with other road users and infrastructure. Within the autonomous vehicle ecosystem, such experiences will make a tangible impact on safety.


Bamboo Apps collaborated with Osram to deliver high-resolution, information-rich animations, images, and contextual messages that can be displayed via vehicle lights and projection modules for various purposes: safety alerts, status information, marketing content, and more. Project deliverables:

  • digital experiences for LED projection modules
  • digital experiences for smart headlights and rear lights

The new Osram’s light technology enriched with advanced situation-specific digital experiences will support Level 5 vehicle automation and improve driving safety & comfort.

HMI & Mobile App Design Concept for a Usage-Based Insurance Solution

In collaboration with Zurich Insurance


As the shifting mobility landscape demands new insurance approaches, risk management solutions are evolving to meet customer needs. Zurich Insurance is responding to expectations for greater convenience, speed of service, and reasonably priced coverage options by introducing new ways of interacting with customers and mobility providers with a key focus on design and usability.


Bamboo Apps cooperated with Zurich Insurance to conceptualize a digital experience for a usage-based insurance solution tailored to the needs of the “MetroSnap” vehicles ecosystem. Project deliverables were:

  • UX/UI design concept for fleet owners
  • mobile app design concept for vehicle users
Bamboo Apps cooperated with Zurich Insurance to conceptualize a digital experience

A “MetroSnap” fleet owner will be given personalized insurance offerings for such risks as vandalism, theft, cyber risk, or product liability.

For each trip, the user will be able to add coverage: for example, insurance for personal belongings. In addition, customers will be offered contextual coverages addressing their personal situation or circumstances.

For each trip, the user will be able to add coverage