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Connected car app: a connected prototype for a luxury OEM

An iOS-based prototype of a luxury connected vehicle application


Growing customer loyalty with connected technology

Growing customer loyalty with connected technology

Bamboo Apps were tasked with developing a connected car application prototype for a luxury vehicle manufacturer based in England. The goal was to create a secure connected car mobile app to increase consumer confidence and trust. The software had to closely follow the OEM’s brand image, carrying a luxurious feel, while being easy to use.

Initially, the solution was supposed to be specifically made for two vehicle programs. However, it needed to come with the ability to expand it to more product lines and add more functionality in the future. That way a customer would use the same app throughout and have a consistent user experience, regardless of their vehicle model.


A seamless and reach experience

Bamboo Apps developed a secure and scalable prototype of the connected vehicle application for iOS. In addition to possessing all the signature elements of the OEM’s luxurious design, it provided a smooth user experience to its brand customers.

The application tracked the vehicle’s condition, its location, provided remote control over the in-vehicle climate and functionality (headlights, horn, etc.), delivered service reminders, supported over-the-air updates, and much more.

A seamless and reach experience

Utilising connectivity capabilities to the maximum

The conceptual architecture of the app involved the usage of IT services (Cloud Data Warehouse, Enterprise API, and B2C – Azure AD – authentication) and three different connected car apps, which included the mobile application for iOS and Android, the OEM’s web portal, and a business intelligence solution.

The connected vehicle software prototype was developed only for the mobile app, but it already offered users an impressive number of features. The most standout ones were as follows.

Service reminders

The prototype tracked the mileage and time left until the next service was due. The driver received a notification when the vehicle was within either 500 miles or 3 months of the next service, showed the location of the nearest dealership, and gave the user the option to book a service in advance.

Warning notifications

The application could issue push notifications for a variety of events. A warning was issued when the vehicle exceeded the speed limit, had a low battery charge, or if one of its components required service.

Parking POI

The connected vehicle app provided up-to-date parking information by means of a dedicated parking service, which allowed drivers to quickly find parking spots close to their current location.

Charging POI

The app allowed users to search for charge points along a route based on start range and the remaining distance to the destination. It also had a smart filter that only showed applicable charge points.

Car battery status

Successful delivery

The application prototype was delivered successfully, boasting high functionality, security, and scalable architecture. It served as the perfect representation of the OEM’s brand, providing a consistent user experience, complimented by a sophisticated and intuitive design.