R&D project
Digital Key Solution
A secure scalable cloud-managed solution that enables keyless vehicle access via a smartphone.

Digital Key System

Cloud-managed backend
A server providing a set of APIs for pairing a mobile device with a vehicle, authorization, user & vehicle data storage, etc. Includes a push notification service.
Certificate Authority Center
A server for generating, signing, and validating certificates.
Using BLE as a communication protocol, the system is smartphone-compatible. Vehicle key management is done via a mobile app.
Hardware configuration
3rd party hardware solution configured and custom software developed that can be seamlessly integrated with all existing in-vehicle modules.


  • - Unlocking/locking the vehicle when the smart device is in/out close proximity
  • - Unlocking/locking the vehicle by user interaction with the smart device
  • - Provisioning the key to another smart device
  • - Revoking the key
  • - Proximity/remote key sharing


Ensuring high-level security
Mechanisms and techniques used for ensuring data and IT security of the Digital Key Solution:
  • Secure QR-codes as means of communicaton between the backend and a mobile device
  • Authorization and authentication mechanisms (including biometrics)
  • A powerful notification engine for vehicle status control
Maximizing BLE security features
Improvements of BLE security model implemented in the Digital Key Solution:
  • 'Read' and 'write' modes feature to provide a smooth auto-locking/unlocking experience
  • Additional layers of encryption (TLS) to provide communications security over BLE protocol
  • Integrity control of a session to protect from man-in-the-middle, replay, and amplified relay attacks


Digital Key solution delivers both mobile and HMI experiences to the user.


HMI interfaces are designed according to the standards (ISO 9241) and the guidelines for in-vehicle display systems.

Mobile UX/UI

Human-centered design approach is applied. High customization and branding capabilities are provided.

Case study
Designing Market-Ready Digital Key Solutions