Design and Development Services for JLR InControl Remote Apps

Client: Jaguar Land Rover


Two years ago Bamboo Apps participated in the development of the first version of the Jaguar Land Rover InControl Remote apps. Recently, JLR has presented the second version of the app suit. Bamboo Apps participated in the redesign project to deliver tech and design expertise that would help to offer car owners an enhanced user experience.


Since design and usability were the main focus, InControl Remote apps got a new upscale look & feel. Applications were aligned with the latest design trends and user expectations from connected services. JLR and Bamboo Apps teams have also rebuilt architecture of the apps and enhanced their functionality and security.

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‘Beep & flash’
Vehicle security status check & alerts
Remote access control
Remote climate control
Architecture rebuilding

For both iOS and Android versions was implemented a native solution based on clean architecture fundamentals, SOLID principles, reactive approach, and CI/CD. It allowed to reduce dependencies between the layers of the system and make the apps more stable, scalable, and testable.


Benefits of updated architecture

  • System layers are independent, their responsibilities are isolated
  • All business logic is within a use case
  • Use cases are easy to find and not duplicated
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InControl Remote application was redesigned according to new business logic based on use cases and user stories. Interfaces were reorganized and simplified. The usage of polished graphics, smooth animations, and streamlined navigation made the app's UX more intuitive, while UI became more engaging.

Design updates:

  • New navigation to shorten user's path to key functions
  • New home page to give a quick overview of vehicle status
  • Updated journey details and map view
  • Animations to make the driver-car interaction more intuitive
Enterprise Mobile Development

In this update, native iOS and Android versions of InControl Remote 2.0 were delivered and was ensured the compatibility of the apps with a whole spectrum of mobile devices.

Also, the version for Android was migrated to Kotlin, which created a solid base for future updates of the product's functionality. Reactive approach to the development process also allowed to use the same app layout and design elements across iOS and Android platforms.


Following the OWASP framework, we helped the cilent's Connected Car Team to detect potential vulnerabilities of the apps and employ the approach that safeguards critical application files and data. It includes: following the newest requirements for data encryption and storage, using official Google and Apple libraries, implementing certificate and public key pinning per OWASP guidelines.

QA testing

Bamboo Apps' developers and Jaguar Land Rover's QA testers ensured timely and quality delivery of new versions of the application. For example, after a series of UI tests conducted with the use of Kakao framework, bugs in Android API (ver. 26 and 27) were identified and reported.


Services provided:

  • Unit testing
  • UI testing
  • Functional testing (BDD testing)
Delivery process
Dedicated team
An experienced team of software architects, system integrators, iOS & Android developers, designers, and agile coaches.
Hybrid collaboration scheme
Communication with the client via regular online meetings, conference calls, as well as via frequent travel to the JLR's R&D center.
Agile methodology
Effective sprint planning, prompt delivery of product demos, and decision making based on comprehensive analysis.
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