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Revamp of an online vehicle store

The Bamboo team upgraded the online catalogue of the vehicle distributor Snellman Motosport, making it more modern and easy to manage.


Snellman Motosport


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Breathing new life into an outdated website

Snellman Motosport is a Finnish distributor of different vehicles, such as electric mountain bikes, motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, and spare parts for them. The company wanted to redesign its website, making it more modern, mobile-friendly, and easy to manage. To achieve that, Snellman needed to move its online store to Shopify and make it more connected to the firm’s CMS.

At that point, the client had already been aware of Bamboo’s expertise and had been in regular contact with the team. Seeing as we had a lot of relevant experience and a good relationship with the company, Snellman decided to entrust the project to us.


Customised design and a fine-tuned CMS

Bamboo has delivered a new Shopify-based solution for Shellman Motosport with a sleek design that works equally well on web and mobile. The team customised not just the website, but the company’s CMS to support a number of new content management features.

As per the client’s request, Bamboo added simple integrations with Snellman’s partner websites, allowing managers to quickly link to their affiliates via easy-to-use content blocks. The developers have also safely migrated the contents and information from the old catalogue to the new online store.

Snellman Motosport

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Top tier functionality on a budget

The project had a limited budget, which meant making a brand new website from scratch was not an option. So instead, Bamboo suggested using a premade template and customising it to fit the client’s needs.

As a result, the application utilised a ready-made Shopify design that was visually tweaked to fit the Snellman brand. The software was further enhanced with extra connectivity and content management functions while remaining cost-effective.


Keeping things simple

The development process was organised in a very straightforward manner. The Bamboo team used the Kanban model, which meant no sprints.

The project team itself was small, consisting of a PM, a DevOps engineer, a Shopify developer, and a web developer (plus included some minor involvement from a delivery manager). The project began in January 2023 and finished active development in March, taking about 1.5 months to complete.

A ready-made Shopify design was successfully modified to capture the essence of the Snellman Motosport brand, as well as to include more intuitive management features and tighter integration with the client’s CMS of choice.

On top of improving connectivity with the company’s affiliate websites, the team also ensured full GDPR compliance for the whole solution.

Online vehicle store | Development

The perfect representation of the brand

The client was pleased with the speed and quality of service, as well as with the final design of the product. According to Snellman Motosport, the customised CMS was easy to understand and work with, which was precisely what they had set out to achieve.

The company expressed desire to continue working with Bamboo in the future. The team will keep providing support and maintenance services for the website, ensuring its great long-term performance.