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Rinspeed HMI User Experience Design & Connected Car Apps

A vision of user experience for futuristic Human-Machine-Interfaces based on smart co-driving features and shaped by Level 5 Autonomy

Rinspeed case study


Rinspeed Inc.
Frank M. Rinderknecht


HMI design
UX/UI design
Visual design




Seeking creativity

Rinspeed Inc. was looking for a partner to create practical and futuristic HMI designs for their new line of concept cars. The company sought people to support outstanding, creative work — not ordinary work. And when Bamboo Apps approached Rinspeed, they decided to give the team a shot.

Bamboo Apps were tasked with creating numerous HMI design slides, which would illustrate different use cases for the company and its customers.


Next-gen autonomous experience

Bamboo Apps presented the concept suite of connected car control apps and the futuristic HMI design for Rinspeed’s new concept vehicle, microSNAP. The team designed a fully digital autonomous in-car experience meeting the challenges of ever-increasing shared mobility and last-mile delivery.

The deliverables included a 49-inch coast-to-coast HMI design, an connected remote control in-car app, and a remote access app for delivery vehicles. Bamboo Apps designed the information architecture, which you can see below.

Rinspeed | Solution
Information architecture

What is microSnap?

Rinspeed’s autonomous Snap model has been shrunk into the new and compact microSNAP, a shuttle no bigger than Renault Twizy. Designed for delivery in the age of online commerce, microSnap can bring goods to customers just in time, with zero detours.

MicroSnap uses a variety of scanners and sensors to navigate the road, but allows for remote and in-cabin controls to ensure maximum safety. Both the interior and exterior of the vehicle were designed with a futuristic, yet comfortable flare, which naturally needed to be reflected in its software interface.


Steering wheel redefined

In the search for the best sharing economy user experience and to make the most of smart mobility, Bamboo Apps brings a new “steering wheel” concept based on a control panel allowing to operate the car via a connected car app interface.

This is an in-car connected remote control app. It combines robust in-car technologies, various mobility offerings, and infotainment services on a single screen. Due to the high level of personalization provided, co-drivers can individually use applications to suit their needs while enjoying the shared driving experience.

In-car connected remote control app

Looking to the future

Bamboo Apps’ design team created a full HMI design for a Level 5 autonomy vehicle. It is a long-term vision of how disruptions in the automotive industry will impact the user experiences in cars. The goal we set for ourselves was to address the rising trend of smart co-driving and build a cockpit architecture tailored to the needs of changing passengers.

We also designed a remote access app for delivery vehicles. To make the last mile delivery a holistic experience, Bamboo Apps blended e-commerce with secure connected car technologies to put fully digital customer journeys together. The next generation of businesses should make IoT and connectivity their competitive advantage, and a remote access app for locking/unlocking delivery vehicles might become a key to their future success.


Building the right chemistry

The design process involved constant communication with the Rinspeed team to ensure we captured their exact vision for the software. We communicated via video conferences, calls, and e-mail. Working together on a creative level, brainstorming and bringing ideas together allowed us to build trust in each other’s concepts and inputs.

The project manager, Igor Ponikarchik, also visited the offices of Rinspeed Inc. to better understand the company’s cutting-edge processes and projects. Developing the right chemistry was integral to bringing the client’s ideas to paper.


Official launch

The CEO of Rinspeed Inc., Frank M. Rinderknecht, was pleased with the work, complimenting Bamboo Apps for “staying in tune with everyone” from the company. As a result, Rinspeed continued its collaboration with the team.

The new microSNAP models outfitted with Bamboo Apps designs were showcased and officially launched at CES 2020 to a lot of positive feedback.