UX/UI Design for Intelligent Accident Detection & Management App

Transforming businesses through transformed user experience

Concierge service
Automated detection of an accident, a dispatcher who serves as a first responder and gathers critical information about the severity of the collision.
Crash advisor
Fast and accurate crash reporting, smart accident type-based forms aligned with the CRMs of insurance companies.
Crash resolver
Request for a tow truck, search & booking of a service center, order of a replacement car.
The assistant automatically detects an accident and immediatley notifies a driver. To avoid confusion and loss of time in a stressful situation, the system locks the other functionality of the companion app and guides a driver through a predefined path.
Crash reporting forms are generated based on the type of an accident and aligned with the claim forms of insurers. Forms capture all the neccessary information, including the photos of the damage. This allows for accurate gathering of crash data within 2 - 3 minutes.
After sending an accident report, user can find and book a service center and a replacement car nearby.

Services & expertise provided

Research & ideation
Based on competitor analysis, and data research Axitech's mockups were revised, new UX features were suggested.
On the wireframing stage, the navigation, hierarchy, and interactions between functional parts of the app were re-thought. User journey maps were updated.
For an app prototype, we delivered the UX that provided a driver with a straightforward path allowing to manage post-accident procedures fast and effectively.
We developed a framework for seamless integration of accident management functionality into existing customer apps provided by automotive companies.


For drivers
  • Instant access to emergency services and roadside assistance
  • A predefined userpath helping to avoid confusion
  • Smart accident reports
Benefits for drivers
For businesses
  • Meeting consumer demand for safety-first functionality
  • Unlocking new car data monetization opportunity
  • Upsale of connected services
Benefits for businesses

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